October 11, 2010

Boxerdropper: I Will Never Do An Impromptu Pop In

Impromptu pop ins get you nothin' but shit
I would be an amazing girlfriend because I would never stop by unannounced. I can't help it; It's ingrained in my DNA to make firm plans to see a boy I'm dating. Furthermore:
  • There will be no drop ins to his house.
  • No, "Hey, I'm in your neighborhood! What are you up to?" texts will be sent. 
  • No random pop ins to his work.
  • No spontaneous showups to the bar he's at with his friends. 
It's not how I roll. Years of experience have taught me that my idea of spontaneity can be his idea of an inconvenience.

If he's home, maybe he's taking a nap and will be all cranky when I ring his doorbell. Instead of a huge smile on his face at seeing me, he'll be a sourpuss. If he's at work, maybe he'll be busy with customers or get in trouble with his boss if he's caught talking to me on the clock. If he's out with his friends, he'll get annoyed that I'm crashing his bro-down time. FUCK THAT!

I want my man to look forward to seeing me. I want him to count the minutes until we're together. Showing up on his doorstep like an abandoned baby isn't gonna make that happen. Yup, no impromptu pop ins. That's the Shmitten Kitten guarantee right there.


Zack said...

Thank you Lord, drop-ins are sooo annoying.

Though I do remember one time I was working super late on a Saturday to get a POC out by the deadline. My GF showed up unannounced with food for the entire team. That was pretty awesome.

Jonesy said...

My boyfriend likes when I show up with food or other goodies, but otherwise, I know to leave him alone. I see how he gets when other people decide to drop by, and I know I hate it when most people just pop in to see me.

However, I do like it when my boyfriend brings me food, too. :]

David said...

Anna - I'd have to agree with Zack. There should be a special rule for when someone is having a bad/long day. Then the drop-in is a nice surprise.

Jihanna said...

I completely agree, but it took me way too long to read the post because I could not stop watching that woman get shitted on

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