October 6, 2010

I Love Love Love His Play Clothes

One of my favorite things about dating a guy with a real job is being able to witness his transformation from business casual into his "play" clothes when he comes home from work. He'll pop off his button-down shirt and toss on a ratty tee. See ya later, khakis, he's gonna put on something with an elastic waistband. It's adorable.

In honor of his scruffy duds, I wrote a poem:
Stiff shirt and ties are what he wears during the day,
Come 5pm, he'll wanna take 'em off, what can I say?
Soccer shorts though he doesn't play the sport,
a college hoodie with the arms a little too short.
Acquired at a Gap or an old birthday present
They have a drawstring and a large hole in the armpit.
After years of lounging, they're perfectly broken in.
It's the only thing he wants to wear, no matter the season.
A big fuck you to shiny black shoes,
Socks or slippers, how do you chose?
He'd wear 'em every day, if only he can
He's rumpled and happy, play clothes make the man.
Suck on that, Shakespeare.


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lol Shakespeare has nothing on you love haha

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