October 6, 2010

I Love Love Love Banter Champions

Dude, our banter is off the charts! We're going tit for tat a mile a minute. What we have here is a heated ping pong match of conversation. Onlookers are wowed by how in sync we are because we are like a zipper, two sides coming together seamlessly.

I could do this all night, just going back and forth with him. Let me tell you, if there were a Boy Scout badge for excellent banter, he'd have earned it years ago. He'd coach the younger Cub Scouts how to banter in specialty workshops across the Tri-State area. Really, it's a skill all guys should master, like typing different kinds of knots or how to shotgun a beer. 

I love what we we've got going on here. For a former high school debater such as myself, going toe to toe with this banter champion is pure bliss. Hands down, this is my favorite way to flirt.   

Where did he come from, Planet Banter? He's a pro! He should be sponsored by Bike (Nike's banter division). I'm lapping up his bangin' banter like a kitten lapping up milk. This is some Joey/Pacey shit right here and I cannot get enough. Bravo, my banter champ!


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