October 7, 2010

I'd Like To Take This Time To Thank Him For Not Tucking His Shirt In Tonight

Let's face it: he's got a bit of a beer belly goin' on. No big whoop. I kinda dig it, to be honest. Especially with this fall weather. He's gonna be sooooo snuggleable come cider-sipping time. However, come fancy clothes-time, I was a little concerned that he was gonna do a tuck in. That would not only accentuate his beer belly, but it would also make him look more Peter Griffin-esque.  I'm gonna use Seth Rogen pre-Green Hornet training to illustrate my point here.

Tucked and belted

He still looks handsome, but you see what I mean, right? So, it pleased me to see him stroll up to me, untucked.

Untucked and foxy
Ah, a clean silhouette! Well done, my dear. A+. Gold star.

I should just re-name this site Husky Fashion Tips.


Jess said...

Can we pour one out for pre-Green Hornet Seth Rogen? I miss him. I'm also a big fan of the beer belly and glad to see it get some love here.

Anna said...

Um, totally! I like chubby guys. Seth Rogen AND Patrick Stump have personally disappointed me with their weight loss. They're not even that hot skinny! They were way hotter as butterballs. Such a shame.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to let go of being a shirt tucker-inner! How long is too long? Tie or no tie? Clean-shaven, or a little scruffle?

I may start a Dudes-Who-Need-Their-Chicks-to-Tell Them-How-to-Not-Look-Lame Anonymous

Anonymous said...

re: I should just re-name this site Husky Fashion Tips.

HaHa. That's very funny.

I thought that term was no longer in use. Now Mens & Boys clothing is generally sold according to waist/inseam measurements for pants and I guess neck/shoulder/gut/arm length for shirts. Back in the day, it was all sm, med, and lg.

Note: Large back then was probably what XXX Large is now.

Allan Smithee

Zack said...

"Note: Large back then was probably what XXX Large is now."

Foreign clothes are fun that way. I wear small shirts in most brands (14.5, 32 for dress shirts). I have a few prototype golf shirts from a company in Taiwan that are XXL and fit me perfectly. I can't even fathom what a small would be like in their sizing.

My shirts are almost always tucked in, unless I'm wearing jeans. That's the only time I like the untucked look.

Phil said...

I would bookmark a site called "Husky Fashion Tips".

Anonymous said...

Where are the girls that like skinny guys? Or does that just make them more worried about their look?

I don't have a beer belly...

Mallory P. said...

Yep, soul sisters indeed. Patrick Stump, Clark Duke, now Seth Rogen. Chubby chasers unite!

Jonesy said...

re: skinny guys

I like the skinny guys... not because I don't appreciate what chubby guys have to offer, but they remind me too much of my brothers... and they tend to look more awkward naked.

Then again, I guess I'm picky. I don't like guys with too many muscles, either. They look like they can't move very well.

Anonymous said...

Pro-tip: a tucked-in shirt disguises a beer belly better than one untucked, as long as you're wearing pants at your waist rather than your hips.

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