October 7, 2010

I Love Love Love His Shitty Handwriting

Like the famous pick-up artist,
his shitty handwriting is a mystery
Not to sound like a college senior thesis here, but with technology invading every social interaction, it's becoming a rare thing to see a guy's handwriting. It just doesn't come up that often. Numbers are typed into cell phones. Emails are sent. Notes are texted. Handwriting has gone by the wayside.

The only time I even get to see a glimpse of his handwriting anymore is if he's signing a credit card receipt or writing out a check in my presence. For the most part, his handwriting is a mystery to me. Does he write in cursive? Does he only write in capital letters? Does he dot the letter i with a heart? I have no clue!

Therefore, it's a special event when I get to see an extended example of his penmanship. Maybe he left a note for his roommate alerting him to call their landlord. Maybe he scribbled a message to his brother in a birthday card. I'll hold it in my hands and study it like they're the cave drawings of an ancient tribe. So that's how he writes the letter "z." Weird!

Sure, his shitty handwriting looks like he scrawled the words out whilst sneezing in a bumper car, but it's his. Therefore, I'll automatically love it.


Anonymous said...

my boy has really weird handwriting and i love it too! his "a" looks like a 4...its very confusing. i wish i had a specimen. ha ha ha

Jonesy said...

My boyfriend has very strange handwriting. He said that he always made an effort to make it look more feminine, because he thought girls had nicer handwriting.

I just like handwriting in general. It really does tell you a lot about a person. (Not that I believe the slant means a certain thing or anything ridiculous like that.)

dd said...

i have saved a post-it note for a few weeks that my bf wrote me about things he needed me to do, just because it was nice to see a note with actual handwriting! haaa

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