October 4, 2010

I've Come To The Conclusion That It's Impossible To Hold A Grudge Against Him

Who can be angry at a guy like this?
He does a million terrible things all the time. He flakes out on our plans at the last minute. He's a cheapskate. He refuses to watch the movie that I wanna watch. He'll invite his friends to come out with us even though I was looking to score some solo time with him. He'll only agree to go to two bars in the entire city so every time we go out, we end up at one of those shitholes. The last straw was when he hit on another girl during our fourth date. Honestly, he's THE WORST; A total nightmare for women.

I've written him off more times that I can count: I've deleted him from my Facebook friend list. I've blocked him on gchat and I've deleted his number from my phone (twice!). However, I've come to terms with the fact that it is impossible to hold a grudge against him.

I ran into him at a party and he came up to me straightaway. Must resist his charms. He fist bumped me and said, "What's up, player?" which made me laugh. I did my best to project a steely facade. "Hello."

"What? You're still mad at me? COME ON! Don't be mad. How can you be mad at a guy who dances like this?" Then, he grabbed his best friend's hips and freaked him from behind, causing the poor guy to spill his beer everywhere. I covered my mouth so he wouldn't see me crack up.

"There it is! I knew I could get you to smile." I tried not to grin, but it was impossible. How can I be angry at such an immature goofball? It's a fact: Immature goofballs make terrible boyfriends. It's like getting mad that Nickelback still has a career or that a Katherine Heigl movie lacked sufficient character development. What's the point? It's the nature of the beast.

Besides, I don't enjoy being irritated at him. It makes me feel like I'm an uptight, humorless bitch. Fuck it. It's easier to accept him for the wacky jerk he is. And just like that, Grudgetown was population: zero. 


Anonymous said...

i know exactly how you feel!

Anonymous said...

oh my god... me too... DAMN THAT ASSHOLE he's just so fun to talk to!

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