November 26, 2010

Good News! I've Decided to Look The Other Way When It Comes To His Flagrant Misuse Of Ellipses

Don Draper, Litterer
"Hey lady......"
"You look pretty......"
"What are you doing later......."
Not to complain too much, but my text inbox looks like a gumball machine because there are so many random dots scattered throughout. What's the deal with all these ellipses he types after every sentence? Is he falling asleep on the "." button? Does he have a nervous twitch? Typing dot dot dot after every thought he transmits is like talking with a stoner: "We could grab ice cream...or make brownies...or maybe order a taco from somewhere?" There are more periods than a menstruation convention!

I don't know if he thinks it's flirty to litter dots on my screen like they're picnic trash in the early '60s, but he should put a little more effort into ending sentences properly. That's all I'm saying. Ellipses should be used to indicate omitted words in a quote, not to give the appearance of an unfinished thought or playful musing, which is what I think he's doing. Either way, it's getting on my nerves.

However, I've decided to overlook his flagrant misuse of ellipses because I'm open-minded. Just kidding. I'm overlooking it because he had a nice smile and a cool job so this ellipses issue is going to have to take the grammatical backseat for now. Congrats on your victory, duder.


Samantha said...

Nope. Nope nope nope. I've been known to loose my shit due to ellipses overuse. Also when people say "dot dot dot" because they don't know their punctuation. I also hate exclamation overuse.

Samantha said...


Unknown said...

But ellipses are so much fun.

Modern Haredi said...

The problem is that peole overuse them and they do so incorrectly. In fiction writing it usually means there is something else implied. For example:
"Let's get ice cream" means exactly what it says. However, "Let's get ice cream..." means "Let's get ice cream and /have sex/you asshole/or not." I cannot handle ellipses misuse.

Go back to 4th grade English, you moron...

Amy Ess said...

This drives me crazy too. Sometimes it makes people seem snobby without even realizing it.

Anonymous said...

I stopped seeing someone for this exact reason! Well that, and he was too short! Nothing against short guys, but I tried it and its just not my thing.

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