November 26, 2010

Story Time: What's Your Doorbuster?

I just came back from Target which was a totally fun, non-stressful way to spend my Black Friday afternoon. As I walked inside, I was slammed with doorbuster deals from all sides. A 21 Jumpstreet DVD for $1.99? A long-sleeved t-shirt for $5? A bag of Hershey Kisses for $2? I WOULD TOTALLY BUST A DOOR FOR THAT!

I didn't really bust any doors for that. But, it did get me thinking about what I would bust a door for. Then I started thinking about dudes because I always think about dudes and I wondered what kind of guy I would bust a door for. It goes without saying that he'd have to dress well, smell good, and be funny. But, what would put him over the top? Well, here are the top three things I would bust a door for, dude-wise.

1. A guy who has a rad family.
2. A guy who likes to drink fancy beers.
3. A guy who watches British sit-coms. 

I would bust down so many doors, it'd be like a demolition derby. What about you? What are the doorbuster qualities you'd want in a guy? Tell me in the comments.


tanniquewa said...

i'd bust down a few doors for a guy who has impeccable taste in music, like to the point of near snobbery. he'd also have to be willing to share and teach me some things.

yeah, that and glasses wearing (nice ones, of course).

YNWIH said...

1) Nice singing voice.
2) Master of trivia.
3) Was a jock in high school.
4) Skilled in driving. I'm talking donuts, burnouts, 180s, maybe some drag racing on the Boulevard.

Anonymous said...

1) Has a beard.
2) Likes good/craft beer.
3) Is Charlie Day.

Anna said...

Haha. I second the Charlie Day thing BIG TIME! I actually met a guy who looked like Charlie Day and I got so flustered I made an ass out of myself. I got very flustered and told him the absolute worst jokes I've ever said to anyone. It was pretty brutal.

Anonymous said...

YOu just described my love.
Mmmm. Plus he's 6'7, blue eyed, dreamy, muscular and Dutch. Mmmm mmm mmm and sexy sexy sexy.
Be jeal.

Meg said...

1. Stands over 6 feet tall and has big hands.
2. Has a super sexy deep voice.
3. Has a cowboy disposition (aka super sweet to me, super polite and respectful to my family and friends, but not afraid to stand up for what he believes in when the going gets rough).

Optional, but nice number 4; Green eyes. Mmmmmmmmm....

I don't mean to generalize number 3; it's an old phrase my Grandma used to say.

Kat B said...

1. Thinks I'm funny (as opposed to amusing)
2. Is OK with solving arguments through structured debate or strongly worded notes
3. gets a 5:00 shadow EVERY DAY at 5:00

Elizabeth B said...

1. Overlapping taste in music.
2. Thinks I'm funny (good one Kat!)
3. A cute accent is preferable.

Jess said...

1. Looks like Zach Galifianakis
2. Loves Matt Berry as much as I do.
3. Loves to cook and/or bake.

A beefy beard/comedy nerd/foodie would have me busting through the door like the Kool-Aid man. Oh yeahhh indeed.

Anonymous said...

I wrote this in my diary in 2005, when I was 19 and still lived at home with my parents.

Dark eyes
Dark hair
Dresses nice (goth)
Good kisser
Smell good
Music Taste
Dark Personality
Plays Bass

I added an update in 2010 age 24
Dresses nice (punk)
???? in reference to waterbed
doesn't drink (in reference to smokes)
rides bike (not plays bass)
+ spiritual

Anonymous said...

at the moment i'd bust a door for a guy who goes on a date with me and doesn't puke.

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