November 16, 2010

Things I'm Terrible At: Keeping Movie Promises

"You've already seen the new Jackass movie? I thought you said that you'd see it with me. What the hell?"

Spoiler alert: I'm gonna forget that I promised to see the movie with him. I'm like a deadbeat dad about it. Honestly, as soon as I promised to see a movie with him, I immediately forgot. The exact second the words left my mouth, they also left my brain.

When I said, "We should see that movie together," it was more of a suggestion than definite plans etched in stone. Dude, I can't be bothered to keep that kind of shit straight! It's just a movie! Get over it.

Of course when I tell him that I already saw the movie last week, he'll frown and cross his arms, acting like I forgot to pick him up from his Little League game. Sorry to break your heart, bud, but it's not the end of the world that I didn't sit next to you for two hours and watch a shitty movie that will be on Pay-Per-View in like, two weeks. Don't pout. Don't get mad. FUCK. I hate when he gets mad at me about this.

If it's any consolation, I have no qualms about seeing movies twice in a theater but mostly likely, that won't make it better. He'll still get bitchy that I'm not a film virgin. 

And, usually, this comes up with the most braindead movies to watch, like a Will Ferrell jawn or some shit. It'll be on DVD in three months! What's the big deal? I break movie promises ALL THE TIME! That's just how I roll. Don't hate me!


Meg said...

My best friend does this to me ALL THE TIME.

It drives me INSANE. Seriously. Biggest bonerkiller ever.

Anna said...

I know! I drive my best friend crazy with this too. I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

The thing is... it's not about the movie. It was never about the movie. For him. It's that he wanted to spend time with you, and although the time spent is usually watching some inane movie or doing some mundane task, it is WITH you. And it prob upset him because he interprets the act of you forgetting, not as 'you forgetting about a movie' but 'you forgetting about him.' You not caring as much as him.

Now I know that sounds silly. And also its no excuse for him acting like a child. However, if you wanted to know what was going through his head- that's probably the gist of it (whether he realizes it or not).

Jenna Davis said...

i was about to leave a comment confirming the fact that you do always do this to me!

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