December 16, 2010

Boxerdropper: I Have Hot Friends

While he may initially think that he's just dating me, after a few weeks it will become apparent that I am in fact part of a set, like a Bratz doll. And, like a Bratz doll, I own several pairs of bootcut pleather pants.

Just kidding.

What I'm getting at is that like a Bratz doll, I have several attractive, available female friends that like to party. Unlike a Bratz doll, they're live human beings who are the most radical people I know.

He'll be the hero of his homeboy's house party when I walk in with my crew of single girls for his friends to chat up. He'll be the man of the hour at his softball game having so many pretty girls cheer his buddies on. My friends will be psyched to go to meet some new guys*, and his friends will pumped to meet some new girls. Everyone wins!

*sidenote: This is provided that his dude friends meet my girlfriends' specifications of having cool hair and impressive record collections. If his friends don't meet this standard, then this offer is null and void.


teenie said...

this is so me. not so much now, because my boyfriend and i have somewhat different demographics with out friends. but in the past, it was a definite "plus" in my column. i actually have had dudes ask me how i have so many beautiful friends. not that i'm ugly or anything. at least i don't think so...


Lora said...

I've had a guy tell me that it was "weird" that I had so many attractive female friends. My girlfriends are definitely gorgeous! It was a huge plus when they were also single and liked to Party. Now that they are all engaged or married the boys get all excited when they see them and then all bummed out when they find out they are taken. Ha!

Clifford Allen said...

Hey, if you ever want to send your Bratz pack over to pick through my record collection, be my guest.

I dig your blog, by the way, though this is my first comment :-) - it helps me, as a "dude," wade through this dating life.

Anna said...

That's awesome, Clifford! I'm glad that you get a kick out of my site. Please, feel free to comment as much as you like. Thanks, buddy!

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