December 21, 2010

Flippin' Our Shades at Eric Smith

Meet Eric Smith. Aside from running Geekadelphia and teaching at a few universities across Philly, he's also a proud bunny daddy. Look at him feeding one! So cute, right? He just finished his first novel, Textual Healing which everyone is buzzing about. I asked him a few hard-hitting questions to see what he loves about this town and what he loves about love. 
Eric and his bunny
1. What's your idea of a perfect Philly date?
Since Philadelphia is the perfect walking city, my ideal Philly date takes place all around town: A walk through Center City down to Old City, a stroll around the historic homes, and then back up towards Rittenhouse Square. Depending on the time / day of the week, maybe we'd drop by Reading Terminal Market to snap up some fresh produce for a picnic down at Washington Square, or swing by DiBruno's for a similar outing in Rittenhouse Square or even Schuylkill River Park. Or if you feel like walking a little more, we could go up towards Kelly Drive and Fairmount Park. Yes, I'd walk that.

Bottom line, a perfect date is being outside and enjoying the city's scenery. Consequently, I get along with girls who wear sneakers.

2. What do most guys do wrong when they're out with a girl?
Hmm. This is tough for me, considering I'm one of those guys who does everything right. (You missed it. I just winked and snapped my fingers whilst making a pointing gesture.)

Anyway, I've noticed that guys can talk about themselves way too much. I've made that mistake a few times. If only I could go back in time and tell past Eric not to do that. It's the year 2010, Past Eric. Chances are she's Googled you already, pal. Or Facebook lurked you. As interesting as you think you are, why not try listening?

3. What's the worst thing a girl can do on a date?
Wear the same shoes as me. Oh no you DI'N'T, girl. ONE of us is going to have to go home and change, and it isn't going to be me.

4. Tell us a secret!
Sometimes, if I know a girl wants to go to a movie that looks like it might be sad, I'll watch it first to ensure I get all the tears out of my system. Pixar movies are an emotional landmine. You can't be too careful. Did you see Toy Story 3? I saw it for the third time with my girlfriend and alas, my tactic failed.

5. Where's the most romantic place in Philly?
I'll give you one of my favorites: standing over the water on Waterworks, looking out towards Boathouse Row. I love that view.

6. What would you put on a mix tape for a girl that you liked?
That's a tough one. Probably some Third Eye Blind, Gin Blossoms, The Format, Nada Surf, Jimmy Eat World, the Wallflowers; some of my fave alternative stuff mixed with a little indie. 
You can pick up Eric Smith's first novel Textual Healing here


Allie Harcharek said...

I totally want to meet this guy.

Anonymous said...

Eric's super rad! Glad to see him on the site.

Anonymous said...

worst mix tape ever. Even Ween would be better than 3rd Eye Blind

Eric said...

Psh. YOU'RE a ween.


Unknown said...

I kinda wanna make out with him...

ddf said...

well now i DID google and attempt to facebook stalk. way to inspire me, dude!

Laryssa said...

I wish he'd give me his mixtape!

Gaby said...

So, uh, yeah... I'm kind of in love now.

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