December 29, 2010

I Love Love Love Guys Who Suggest Taking A Photobooth Picture On Our Date

I cannot believe that these people are peers
I love it when he suggests we take a photobooth picture together. I'm always up for it. We'll squeeze into the photobooth and fish out a few raggedy singles, feeding them into the machine. Then we'll make funny faces for the first two shots and more lovey-dovey ones for the last two. Of course we'll stay put for another session so we'll each get a strip.

When the pictures are ready, we'll review 'em together, cracking up at the funnier shots and cooing over the cuter ones. He'll let me pick which strip I wanna keep and he'll gladly snap up the other one.

Let me tell you, I will hold onto that picture strip forever. It's the cockroach of dating memorabilia; it will make my shoebox cut no matter what. I have a whole stack of them chillin' there right now. They're like paint chip samples but instead of a variety of colors, they're pictures of me in a variety of first date outfits.

Sorry to switch gears here, but is it just me or does Danny Russo and his gf look like Mary Jo Letourneau and her student/lover dude? Not to be too dramatic, but looking at this is making me feel weird about life and my feelings about The Karate Kid in general. See? It's creepy, right?

Where was I? Oh yeah. Guys who wanna take a photobooth picture on a date. They rule. And stuff.


Laryssa said...

I love this! I have saved every photobooth picture I've ever taken with a dude, even if I kind of hate that dude's guts now. I remember one time, I was out (one of the first dates) with a guy at a bar in Manhattan that had a photobooth, and I suggested we take some pictures. He said, "I don't do that with a woman who isn't my serious girlfriend." What a weirdo! I ended it shortly after.

Anna said...

I have this one photo strip of me and this random guy I went out with once. He was ADORABLE and I honestly don't remember A) how I snagged a date with him in the first place and B) why we never went out again.

Well, a few years ago I was flipping channels and I saw him in the audience of the Jerry Springer Show and I was like WTF? He was still just as handsome as I remembered him but I think he was sitting with a cute Asian girl. She was probably his girlfriend. Who knows?

The End

Phil said...

Photobooth is a clutch first kiss move. Who doesn't want a first kiss in a photobooth?

Anonymous said...

i had a formal in college that had a photobooth for all the dates, and dates of dates, and friends of dates to take pictures in. i think i photo-boothed too much that night...

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