December 27, 2010

Now THIS Is Some Armpit Hair I Can Get Behind

I'm so pleased with this development because a guy's armpit hair is always a crapshoot. You never know what you're gonna get.

Maybe it'll be thick and smelly, like Paul Bunyan's pubes. Or, maybe he won't have any at all; his skin will just be totally hairless and slightly damp, like a cat's nose.

But him, he's got the perfect armpit hair composition. Thin, wispy, soft: This is some Grade A armpit hair, my friend. This is God's armpit hair.

I wanna snuggle up in it and weave it into tiny braids. I wanna make a stuffed animal out of it and give it to a sick child. I wanna kiss kiss kiss it and whisper Laffy Taffy jokes to it and be best buds with that lovely perfect tuft. His awesome armpit hair is excellent news. Just excellent!


Anonymous said...

I totally concur. Seraphims' armpit hair

Lora said...

As long as they don't shave their armpits!! I know some guys that do and I'm NOT a fan. Unless you're an olympic swimmer, there is no reason you should be shaving your body.

Jenna Davis said...

Lora, that is some Bret Michaels shit. NOPE!

Anonymous said...

You just described my husband's armpits. They are soft, and ginger and always smell like a Spring Meadow, no matter what. PS. You're HILARIOUS

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