December 3, 2010

Story Time: Which Beatle Version Do You Want?

As a Ringo girl, I gotta go with the Hard Day's Night era version. What can I say? I love a guy in a fitted suit. I'd take him out dancing and we'd twist the night away. A close runner-up would be the laid-back post-Yoko Ringo with a slightly sleazy mustache. He looks like he'd be fun to sit around, drink wine and listen to records with. What about you? Which version would you wanna take out?

This awesome image is via Maxim Dalton


Cline said...

Much better choice than the current "Peace & Love" Ringo:

Anna said...

Cranky, bossy, and bothered? JUST MY TYPE!

Cline said...

You left out "insincerely hippy-dippy".

Anonymous said...

The Beatles in pop culture: Triumphs and Tragedies

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Allan Smithee

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