January 3, 2011

Flippin' Our Shades At Jason Messina

A friend of mine posted a link to the hilarious "Space Savers" video clip on her Facebook page last week during the blizzpocaylpse and I knew I had to track down the creator and flip my shades at him on here. I found out that the man behind this genius clip is named Jason Messina and he is bit of a jack of all trades. When he's not performing comedy at various spots in the city like Connie's Ric Rac, he's doing his thing with his graphic design company, Ducking Shot. Here he is looking tough against a brick wall:

This guy is one funny motherfucker
I'm like Sandy's friends in Grease: Tell me more, tell me more!
SK: A little background: What's your connection to Philly? Did you grow up here?
Jason: I’ve lived in Philly for just about ten years. I moved here for school, and shortly after graduation I began writing and performing sketch comedy around the city.

SK: How did you start making videos? Do you have a favorite one you've done?
Jason: I’ve always made videos and shorts, but I started to do it more seriously after finishing school. A friend introduced me to a few aspiring comedians and we formed a nameless sketch group. Our first show was called The Sixth Borough, and was all about Philly and how it's NOT the sixth borough of New York, in response to a New York Times article that dubbed it as such. The show was a hit around South Philly and The Sixth Borough stuck as our name. We started incorporating more videos into our shows and I shot and edited them. This was about five years ago and since then the group has disbanded and I started making more videos on my own. The first one was called “Ugly Furniture.”

“Space Savers” soon followed after when I witnessed repeated ridiculous territorial claims when it snowed last winter.

Let’s just say I’m very glad I’ve never had a car in the city.

I’d have to say that “Space Savers” is probably my favorite video because I was able to incorporate illustrations of the fictional character that sells the objects to save your parking spaces with. I’ve always liked to draw, and try to do it as often as I can. You can find all of my videos, as well as comics, funny photos, and humor articles on my comedy blog site SureThingChief.com.

SK: What's your idea of a perfect Philly date?
Jason: My perfect Philly date would contain no stereotypical Philly activities. So no cheesesteaks, Eagles games, or Colonial reenactments. Just the basics: Shut down two blocks inbetween Tasker and Reed on 10th Street, have a potluck block party with kegs of beer from Yards Brewery and then head off with my date to a private outdoor screening of Rocky in the park with endless soft pretzels followed by a Hall & Oates concert with a set list I previously comprised. And maybe a Phillies game.

SK: What do most guys do wrong when they're out with a girl?
Jason: They yawn too loudly when they attempt to put their arm around the girl. Remember, short, quick yawns work much better.

SK: What's the worst thing a girl can do on a date?
Jason: Talk passionately about reality television and then show me her audition tape for The Bachelorette.

SK: Tell us a secret!
Jason: I cut my own hair. Sometimes you can tell, and sometimes you’d swear I went to SuperCuts.

SK: What would you put on a mix tape for a girl that you liked?
Jason: Here's an old video I made with The Sixth Borough a few years back that I think answers this question quite nicely! Haha.

SK: Last one: What's your New Years resolution?
Jason: To enter a Seinfeld Trivia Contest at The Kyber and win.

Check out Jason's YouTube channel when you get a chance to see all of his videos. They're hilarious!


kate b. said...

express train to swoon city... sheesh

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I've been watching the YouTube channel for the last 20 minutes....can't stop....must stop...

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