December 31, 2010

Here Are The Top 5 Shmitten Kitten Posts From 2010

Now THIS is a top 5!
Looking over the past year, these posts stood out in their own ways.

1. The Most Commented Post: Story Time: Your Worst Date In Six Words. At 176 comments, it's been our most talked about post ever. I still re-read it from time to time when I want a good laugh.

2. Post Most Shared on Facebook: You Know What I Hate/Like? With over 675 shares on the ol' 'book this hilarious collection of .gifs tickled the most funny bones. [Update: Be Honest now has the most FB shares ever, clocking in at over 700 as I type this. That's just insane, you guys.]

3. The Dumbest Fight in the Comments: Let Me Get This Straight: THAT Is His New Girl? Pfffffft Who knew a tiny BOGO joke could get so many panties in a bunch?

4. The Post That Had The Most Single Hits: Be Honest. I have no idea why this little silly diagram attracted hundreds of thousands of eyeballs, but it did.

5. The Post That Was The Most Fun To Write: It's a tie! I Feel I Failed To Impress You When I Kept My Fucking Cool and I Feel I Failed To Impress You When I Ordered Such A Fantastic Dinner For Us. I love those stupid posts like they're my own pixilated children.

And, here are a few personal favorites that still make me smile:
Thanks for a radical 2010, you guys. Can't wait to kiss 2011 on the lips. With tongue. Haha. Ewww.



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