February 7, 2011

What's The Deal With Vocalizing The "L" Word?

Saying "I love you" is the most meaningful thing you can say to someone. I don't take that shit lightly. But, the timing has got to be perfect with something like this. Saying it too soon is like mentioning your cat's UTI on the first date: Awkward.

I have friends that are big fans of saying "I love you" for the first time the moment they feel it. But what if the object of your affection doesn't say it back? It's heartbreaking, like showing him your old BOP magazine collection only to have him rip it up and spit on it.

Sometimes you just gotta pray that the words come out simultaneously with your beau, kinda like Slash selling out the few fans he has left at the exact moment Fergie gave the worst performance of her career. Sometimes things just work out like that in a perfect "OMG, me too!" moment. I'm going to turn to the Waterful Ring-toss to illustrate my point here:

When saying "I love you" for
the first time goes perfectly
And, here's what it feels like when it doesn't go well:

Good luck with that

I dated one guy who told me he was in love with me before we were officially dating. I had only known him for two weeks and it really freaked me out. That was a case of too much too soon. On the other hand, I dated someone who never said it, even after dating for three years. I feel like Goldilocks: There HAS to be an acceptable middle ground here.

What is it about the "L" word that some people take it so lightly and others take so seriously? I hate this bullshit! Pass me the Doritos: at least I'm confident that I love them and they will love me back, no perfectly-timed vocalization necessary.


Fashionality said...

Schmitten. Kitten.

I love the pun on "Smitten Kitchen!"

Kittens Are Cute

Anna said...

The name isn't a pun on Smitten Kitchen. We just happen to have similar names, like Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman. Sorry to disappoint you!

Anonymous said...

I've had weird I love you moments. One on my first date with the dude. Needless to say it didn't work out. Another in the middle of sex, I'm still with that one. It freaked me out and I didn't say it for a few weeks after that awkward moment. It's hard to get it right I guess.

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