April 12, 2011

Flippin' Our Shades At Patrick Stump

To say I pounced on the opportunity to interview Patrick Stump when he rolled through Philly last week in support of his outstanding new digital EP Truant Wave would be the understatement of the year. I basically jumped up and down until he played. I immediately knew I wanted to do a Flippin' Our Shades profile on him, which is where I ask guys to give their take on common dating behaviors. Most of the guys I interview are good sports about it and Patrick was no exception. He took all of my teenybopper questions seriously which made it that much more fun. We sat down after his sold-out show and to my delight, we dished for almost a half hour.

And, in a Shmitten Kitten first, I had my interview with him filmed for your viewing pleasure. Here are a few excerpts. Sure, it's filmed in a dark bar and I make a bunch of bizarre pop culture jokes, but just go with it. In this clip, I asked him what moves he uses to pick up girls. 

And, in this one, I asked him what kinds of qualities he looks for in a girl he dates. OMG watch my face when he says he likes sarcastic girls. That's some Tex Avery shit right there.

You can view the rest of the videos on our brand new Shmitten Kitten YouTube channel. I hope to post more videos in the future so subscribe to us if you're into it. And, again, be sure to pick up Patrick's fantastic new digital EP Truant Wave if you haven't already. 

A HUMUNGOUS thanks to Patrick for agreeing to do this and another huge thanks to Alexis for being my cameraperson. Radical!


kate said...

yeah! short hair ftw!

Phil said...

Anna and Patrick sitting in a tree....

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