April 29, 2011

Listen Up: Here's Matthew's Dirty Hippie Drug Mix

My buddy, Matthew Rose, was kind enough to put together this mix for you guys. For those of you who attended my dance parties at the Khyber last year, Matthew was the cute guy with glasses I deejayed with. He rules. Consider this the soundtrack to your spring fever. Click here or on the image to download it.

And, be sure to catch Matthew deejay tomorrow, Saturday, April 30th at the Ugly American for his monthly party, Cloakroom Odyssey. I go every month because it's just that radical.

Track Listing:
  1. Boz Scaggs / Lowdown
  2. I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You / The Alan Parsons Project
  3. Took The Last Train / Bread
  4. Louie Louie / Mike Simonetti
  5. All I Do (Todd Terje Edit) / Stevie Wonder
  6. Why Can't There BE Love? / Dee Edwards
  7. Collage / Three Degrees
  8. Brothers On The Slide / Cymande
  9. Baby, Let's Dance Together / Kittu Gidwani
  10. Requiem Pour Un Con / Serge Gainsbourg
  11. Indianapolis 2 / Irving Martin
  12. Lolita Go Home / Jane Birkin
  13. This Man / Phil & The Friends
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Fried Ice Cream Jones said...

I call this mix "Snake in a High Heel Shoe III: Snake in a High Heel Shoe's Sweet, Sweet Revenge"

Anna said...

A+ comment. Would read again!

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