April 4, 2011

This Wednesday, Drink Our Sly Fox Shmitten Kitten Beer With Us!

Please join us on Wednesday, April 6th at the POPE from 7pm-10pm for the Official Sly Fox Shmitten Kitten Beer Release Party. I can't believe I haven't made an "I'll tap that" joke yet. I must be getting more mature or something. Don't worry. I'm sure it's only temporary. After a few pints of our beer, I'm sure I'll be back to grabbing guys asses and then shrugging when they turn around to see who did it. 

Speaking of temporary things, this beer is a limited-edition release so if you've been meaning to try it, this is the purrrrfect time to do it. Snap it up while you can, because when it's gone, it's gone, like a Shamrock shake or Justin Beiber's virginity.

Facebook info for the party is here. Cheers!


Chris said...

I think you should hijack a keg and run it over to Chicago. Just sayin'...I'd tap that!

Anna said...

Dude, I WISH I COULD! Oh man, that would be amazing.

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