May 6, 2011

Wow, This Guy Is A Total Dick On The Phone

He never answers his phone. When he finally gets around to returning my call, 9 times out of ten, he'll he call me from somewhere loud so I can barely hear him. His battery is always dying and he doesn't ever say goodbye, he just hangs up. It takes, like, .04 seconds to say goodbye like a civilized person but he never does. He just ends it so I'm left saying, "Goodbye" like a moron until I look at my phone and realize that he's already hung up.

I'm telling you; he's a TOTAL DICK on the phone! I wonder why.



Anonymous said...

It shoud not surprise you. Hes been known as a dick in the rock world for years. That why me and my crew quit listening to their shit years ago. You dont want to talk to that washout anyway. You have too much class. Next time he calls teel him too buzz off.

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