July 6, 2011

Awww Yeah: This Friday I'm Judging The Broetry Slam at National Mechanics

Edgar Allan Bro
In order to celebrate Brian McGackin's debut book, Broetry, Quirk Books is hosting a Broetry Slam at National Mechanics this Friday, July 8th. Are you like, "what's broetry?" Well, here's what it says on the event page:
What's broetry? It is exactly what it sounds like: poetry for dudes. They are poems that articulate man's love of Xbox 360, Mama Celeste's frozen pizza, Bruce Willis, Star Wars conventions, frat parties, and video game tournaments.

The idea behind the slam is simple: much like a poetry slam, we'll be inviting members from the audience onto the microphone at National Mechanics to read their prepared (or spontaneous!) broems.

A panel of expert judges will select the winners and award them appropriate, bro-like prizes: Xbox Live Points from Geekadelphia, tasty beverages and noms from National Mechanics, a manly mini-library from Quirk Books, high fives, and Bruce Willis DVDs. We will have a fine array of swag to hand out to the best of the broets.

Come with your collars popped and your hair blown out, as we'll have awards for the best overall costume. If you aren't in costume and just so happen to win the award, well, we apologize. The champion of the evening will be awarded the title Broet Laurette of Philadelphia, and we'll publish your brilliant poem (and a video of the performance!) on here and on Quirkbooks.com.
I'll be on hand as a judge to find the Best Bro. It'll be like if America's Got Talent smushed with Jersey Shore! Come on out. Facebook info is here.


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