July 21, 2011

I Love Love Love Guys Who Subscribe To A Pants Optional Philsophy At Their House

I totally love it when a guy tells me that he chucks his pants off as soon as he walks through the door of his house. It cracks me up to think about him coming home from work, setting down his messenger bag, and immediately disrobing. Is there any better feeling than walking around your living room pants-free after a long day? There probably is, but living a pants-optional life HAS to be in the top 10, right?

I also love it when we're gabbing on the phone and I randomly ask if he's wearing pants and he says, "Fuck, no! You know the policy here. It's pants optional 'round the clock."

Personally, I operate on a pants optional basis at all times, so it's always a good thing to meet a kindred spirit. We understand each other on another level; specifically one unencumbered by inseams and zippers. And, it confirms what I already suspected: this is one cool dude. We're on the same pants wavelength. Yesssssss. I knew he was a keeper. This guy is husband material right here.

I mean, who needs to wear pants when they're home? No one! Pants, shmants. Kick those fuckers off, toss 'em in the corner and let's have another beer!


midnitexstar said...

I not only have a pants-optional policy, I don't wear tops as well when no one's home. Especially in the summer, it gets so hot, the first thing I do when I get home is strip down to my underwear.

Anonymous said...

Made me laugh as I am reading this in my underpants.

Z said...

Haha, I was just talking to a boy about this yesterday. This weekend is the rare combination of circumstances that means BOTH of my roommates are out of town and I don't have to wear pants. So obviously I won't.

Unknown said...

when there's no one around hell yes! the very screenshot you have above is what i reference and sometimes what i say

Anonymous said...

My ex and I used to enjoy pants off chilling at home, when we arrived we'd say "Pants off party time" and ditch them in favor of ultimate comfort.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I'd be too shy/embarrassed to admit any such thing to anybody..

But I get the feeling visitors figure it out when they see the laundry hamper by the front door.

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