August 19, 2011

Get Ready To Do The Arm Gesture Arsenio Hall Did When He Was Excited: Tonight I Will Be Presenting At The Philadelphia Geek Awards!

Guys, that's me on the bottom right! ------------------------------------------------->
I'm honored to be presenting at the Philadelphia Geek Awards tonight. I'll be giving away the award for best new blog, which I'm thrilled about. It's the last award of the evening so when I'm done, we can all party together. I have a few hopes for the event tonight. In particular, I hope:
  • I don't trip on the way to the stage
  • I don't trip on stage
  • I don't trip exiting the stage
  • I don't trip walking back to my seat
If I somehow accomplish that feat, the night will be a resounding success. Good luck to all the nominees and good luck to me that I don't wipeout in a public way.

Are you going to the Philly Geek Awards? If you see me, come up and say hi!


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