August 9, 2011

Honestly, Dating Mark Hamill Sounds Kinda Boring

He had me until I learned that he's not going to take me to wild parties. Then it all went downhill from there and I felt like he was picking a fight with me preemptively. Relax! I'm not going to get annoying, possessive, or lazy if we date, dude. Jeez. And, it's so obvious that he's talking about one specific ex-girlfriend here. He should just add. "DON'T be named Jennifer. DON'T have a yappy dog that pees on my carpet. DON'T have a bitchy mother who is going to pressure me to marry you after dating for four years." I'm onto you, Mark Hamill!

via Rats Off!


Patrick said...

DON'T dump Mark after he gets in a terrible car crash, necessitating massive plastic surgery that makes him look less like a pubescent girl!

Scarlettb said...

Wait, Mark Hamill was 16 when Star Wars came out? (This says he was born in 1961) That seems...unlikely.

Hang on! IMDB says 1951! Fan Magazine! Get it together! If you're going to say "know his birthday," put the right damn birthday

Anna said...

Nice gumshoe work there, Scarlett! You totally busted them.

Emily said...

I assumed that he was lying about his age instead of the magazine getting it wrong. That might be even more awesome. Plus he DOES look about 12 in that picture.

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