August 28, 2011

It's Just About Time For A New Mix For The Shmitten Kitten Mix of the Month Club

It's almost September 1st, which means it's time for a new mix to go out to my Mix of the Month Club members. I have over 1,100 people signed up so far which is still bonkers to me. Not a member? Sign up and join the club already! If you join before September 1st, I'll send you ALL FOUR MIXES I've done so far for the club. Yes, May, June, July, and August's mixes will be in your inbox like *that* (I'm snapping right now). I mean, look at our logo: how can this not be fun?

Sign up for the Shmitten Kitten Mix of the Month Club. If you sign up right now, I’ll send you the May edition. The next one goes out on June 1st! DO IT.

Don't sleep on this! So much free music; so much free fun. Sign up right now to snap 'em up. DO IT!


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