September 15, 2011

Pics and Vids: "What Girls Look At"

I gotta say, it's pretty amusing to watch where these girls' eyes fell when a hot dude asked them for directions. It was also strangely hypnotic to watch the compiled camera footage. See what I mean?

Personally, if a hot guy asked me for directions out of nowhere, instead of focusing on his face, biceps, butt, or crotch, I'd probably keep my eyes on my purse because I would assume he was going to rob me. Again, that's just me.

h/t to Stephen for the link.


Scarlettb said...

Here's the thing. He keeps turning to the side, facing his bicep toward the girls. So then when they look at him, of COURSE they're going to get picked up by the bicep cam.

Likewise, he keeps approaching girls who are sitting - that puts line of sight much more in line with the crotch than with his glasses. I've accidentally gotten eyeful of crotch MANY A TIME on the subway, because I'll be sitting and a dude will come and stand right in front of me.

Also - I notice they didn't ding the glasses cam when that's where they were looking. Think that's because it would be, oh, 90% of the footage?

Unknown said...

agreed! i also would have picked a hotter guy!

Anonymous said...

cosmo for guys is just as lame as cosmo for girls! also: he was hot but i would have liked to be able to see more of his abs, butt, back, etc ;)

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