October 7, 2011

I Love Love Love Guys Who Wear Elbow Patches On Their Blazers

I'd like to give a hearty high-five to autumn because it is now prime elbow patch-wearing weather. Huzzah! Can I get a round of applause for them, please? They are one of my favorite things about a guy's wardrobe. When he spins around and flashes that patch, I wanna scream and faint like it's 1964 and I'm watching the Beatles on the "Ed Sullivan Show."

Those two fuzzy pieces of felt tell me that he probably has a bookshelf in his bedroom AND that he probably knows who Carl Sagan is. They're like two large oval, fabric kisses on the back of his arms. They're basically arm lingerie. They're fabric catnip. Again, huzzah!

Guys who wear elbow patches, I love you. I really love you. I super love you. I wanna toss your corduroy blazers in the air and roll around in them and feel the elbow patches on my cheek. I wanna tell my mom about you. I wanna drink mochas with you and hold hands on a park bench. I wanna jump into a giant pile of leaves and tickle each other until our faces hurt from laughing so much. Fuuuuuck.


Unknown said...

Yes! Agreed x 3489758237!

Amanda said...

Elbow patches are my kryptonite. I WILL try to make out with you if you are wearing them. Holy hell.

Unknown said...

the downside is sometimes they come with hipster mustaches and i am not a fan of that.

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