October 27, 2011

Reader Submitted Bonerkiller: Guys Who Cover Their Ears At Loud Noises

From our reader Erin, who really thinks guys need to stop doing this.
http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lj7vsvpGTe1qzlys0.gifI cannot stand guys who insist on covering their ears at loud noises past the age of 8. Perhaps it's because I live in New York City, where even placing a phone call outside will inevitably lead to at least three interruptions due to sirens, screams, jackhammering, and/or sudden blackouts.

Regardless, the simple act of placing his hands over his ears during these sudden, obnoxious noises is not only a turn-off, it makes me wonder what else he can't he handle. These are the same men who order their dressing on the side, flinch at tampon commercials or pass out on the floor as their wife gives birth. Not to mention you will most likely be restricted to Belle and Sebastian concerts or maybe no concerts at all.
This is hilarious! You never see action heroes covering their ears unless it's to shield them from bullets or shrapnel or something. Yes, this is definitely a wuss move. Don't get me wrong; I generally like wussy guys. But I think covering his ears at loud noises might be a tad too wussy for even my tastes. Wow. I think I've finally found my wuss threshold. What a big day for me!

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, sometimes dudes have legitimate ear issues (only one functioning ear drum, for example), which makes this a less pussy move.

kb said...

Yes! I have been thinking this for months, and I'm glad somebody else agrees!

KB said...

exact sentiments as kb, and funny, my initials are kb. :)

Mallory P. said...

No, there are no 'ear issues' with these types. I know the move-- makes a pained face, big show of covering the ears, hunches his shoulders a little. It makes me want to stab him in the ear with a q-tip and give him real ear issues to cry about. How are you supposed to take this guy to a punk show? You can't. He must be left to his chicken fingers and french fries, ranch dressing and ketchup all over everything-having self.

Anonymous said...

I have a permanent ringing in my ears from too many loud concerts.

I damn well cover my ears up now whenever I can. Also, I wear wussy ear plugs at loud places like bars and weddings too now. I get tons of a funny looks but I no longer give a shit -- if you've ever been unable to sleep due to a ringing that won't stop, you'll WISH you covered you ears. Just thinking about it getting worse makes it very easy to push through the social embarrassment.

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