October 24, 2011

Story Time: What Halloween Costume Would Your Dream Boy (Or Girl) Wear?

Haha! Ewwww.
Longtime readers would know that any guy dressed as either:
  • Marty McFly
  • Alex P. Keaton 
  • Teen Wolf
  • Max Fischer
  • Charlie Kelly from It's Always Sunny
  • Woody Allen in Annie Hall
  • Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate
  • Dustin Hoffman in All The President's Men
  • Dustin Hoffman in Outbreak
  • A Jurassic Park ranger
  • Taco from The League
  • Jesse Pinkman
  • Tom Haverford
  • Burt Macklin, FBI
  • FDR
  • Carl Sagan
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • The guy from Blues Clues
would make me flip my shades at them like Diamond Dave checking out babes on the Sunset Strip.

But I wanna know, what would be your favorite Halloween outfit to see on your dream date? Han Solo? Ryan Gosling in Drive? Michael Jordan in Space Jam? Ernest from the Ernest movies? Air bud in Air bud? Sinbad in Sinbad? Kangaroo Jack in Kangaroo Jack? Tell me in the comments!


Anonymous said...

The Black/Blue Bandit from "The Fall"! Preferrably if the guy in the costume is actually Lee Pace. But even if he isn't, I'd respect a guy for both seeing and liking that movie.

Blue Light J said...

Annie from "Treme" (1000% cooler if she can actually play the violin) or Kaylee from "Firefly" would cause my mind to short-circuit. Or Lindsay from "Freaks and Geeks."

K Bear said...

Any of the Beastie Boys or Vanilla Ice.

Dumbelina said...

If I saw a guy dressed as Bill Haverchuck as the Bionic Woman, I think I would die.

Anonymous said...

Atreyu from The Neverending Story... lol
Romeo (because suicidal lovers are scary)
Anyone from Twilight (what a nightmare)
Justin Bieber lol

david said...

I once dressed as Max Fischer...only 2 girls at a party of 1000 got it.

Anonymous said...

Dayman from Always Sunny
David Bowie in Labyrinth

Carolyn said...

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Anonymous said...

full sailor costume - doesn't get any easier than that gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Manhattan or Inigo Montoya.

hannah said...

Adam Kesher from Mulholland drive.

The Notorious B.A.T. said...

Whoa. An ex's friend is in this comment train. The same ex who said he'd dress in drag as Amy Pond, so I could be 11 with a companion. I'm a cis-lady and I'm going at Dr. Who.

Dream date? Someone who understands what I'm talking about.

Emily said...

Ron Swanson would be perfect. I don't really know how'd that work out, but bonus points if the mustache is real and you don't look creepy.

Anonymous said...

Is it weird to say Tom Selleck in Quigly Down Under? Mostly he just looks like a cowboy but there are a few specific details he could include. Or Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt, but he just dresses office casual all the time...

Laura said...

Inigo Montoya was an awesome call, and Bowie in Labyrinth! :D

I'd also add David from The Lost Boys (bleached mullet and all please ;P)
Hannibal Lecter OR Alex from A Clockwork Orange (because psychopaths are sexy!)
Or Batman...Batman will always be a winner especially if the muscles are real and not just padding in the suit...

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend IS going as Burt Macklin, FBI... per my request since I will be going as Janet Snakehole!

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