November 29, 2011

Just Between Us, I'm Enjoying This Glimpse Of His White Undershirt

His top button is unbuttoned allowing a small isosceles triangle of white cotton fabric to peek out. Thank you, men, for doing this because it's freakin' hot! I'm sure that I look like a creep because my eyes automatically gravitate towards the triangle as we're talking but I don't care: I'll stare at it as I lick my lips like that triangle is a Little Pig and I'm the Big Bad Wolf about to blow his house down. 

After crunching the numbers, I've determined that my interest in him automatically increases 29% if he has that patch of t-shirt showing. I wanna bury my nose in that little triangle and softly whisper Celine Dion lyrics to it. I wanna cook it a casual Italian dinner on a Tuesday night. Hell, I wanna pretend that I like Jim Jarmusch movies to impress it on our second date: THAT'S how bonkers I am about that little cotton patch. It's like if his neck/chest were wearing mascara and it's batting its eyelashes at me. I don't possess the skill set to resist that kind of charm!

See what I mean?
The undershirt is so cute, right?
I am Jack's complete casual business look
Sure, Darlene's a ten-year-old girl, but she's rockin' it
It's not quite a triangle up top--it's more of a parabola shape--but I'll accept it
Boy Meets Undershirt
Not even close, James Hetfield
Eh, not really
Dude, not close. At all
Toss on an under tee, baby Gos. You're almost there!
I could do without the bad attitude, but we're gettin' better
I see it pokin' out! Uh, his t-shirt that is.
Oh yeah. DING DING DING! This is perfection.


Anonymous said...

so true. and no undershirt has the opposite effect.

Catarina Oliveira said...

I never thought of that before but now I realize I also love it, and always did! Amazing. I'm going to notice undershirts a lot more from now on.

Josh said...

What about undershirts (or t-shirts worn as undershirts) in colors other than white?

Anna said...

Do they make such a thing? I guess they do. Sure, I'll take 'em. I have love for all sorts of undershirts! I'm like a Benetton ad that way.

Anonymous said...

i prefer a black undershirt, i guess my taste in guys has led me to believe that theres a pretty good chance there are pit stains on that white tee :(

Eric Sprankle said...

Thank you for validating my preference for crew necks and aversion to v-necks.

Damn you for lowering my opinion of Metallica by posting the pic of Hetfield.

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