December 26, 2011

I Love Love Love Former Boy Scouts

I love a man in uniform.
Well, maybe I just love the handkerchief.
The still jury's out on that one.
I don't remember how the topic came up but once I found out about his Boy Scout past, it was all I could focus on.
"Did you learn how to tie knots?" I asked.
"Did you go on camping trips?"
"Did you eat s'mores?"
"I guess." He shrugged.
"Did I tell you that I was a Girl Scout?" I twirled my hair around my finger.
"Totally. I sold cookies. I wore a sash." I motioned across my chest where my sash would've been positioned. "I earned badges and everything. Did you earn badges too?"
"I think so," he laughed. "I can't believe you're asking me all these questions. There's like, millions of Boy Scouts. It's not that unusual."
"I'm curious! I feel like Geraldo with an exclusive interview here." Mental note: don't compare myself to mustachioed crackpots when I'm on a date. It's not an image he needs to have in his brain.
"Anything else you wanna know?" He took a sip from his beer.
"Sure. Did you wear shorts?"
"When seasonally appropriate, yes."
Truthfully, I ran out of questions at this point, but HOLY SHIT! I'M HANGING OUT WITH A REAL LIVE (former) BOY SCOUT! OMG! THAT ALSO RHYMES!


Anonymous said...

It's all about Eagle Scouts, Boy Scouts are common.

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