February 6, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: WILDSTYLE Boyz Release A Brain-Melting Mix For Your Downloading Pleasure

I am pleased to present you with a new mix from the boys of W I L D S T Y L E who are throwing their first birthday party, Wildstyle Turns 'Won', this Friday, Feb. 10th at the Barbary. According to former "Flip Our Shades" alum Brain Dwyer, they're, "building all kinds of insane props and set pieces to transform the entire space. It'll be like stepping inside Bart Simpson's melting brain with insane slowed-down Internet videos projected onto a gigantic melting Bart face to match. Something to see for sure!"

What is Wildstyle? Check out this video they made for the occasion:

In honor of their party, the boys released this track called "Wildstyle Turns Fun." Brain said it's best to let this mix, "permeate your brain while enjoying a glass of wine or preferably a pot brownie." Okey doke. Check it:

He also says, "unless [you] were raised by wolves under a rock inside a barn between 1975 - 1995, [you] should be able to guess just about every track on here. If [you] want a cheat sheet, however, the tracks are as follows.
  1. Black Box - Everybody Everybody 
  2. Snap - The Power 
  3. 2 Live Crew - Me So Horny 
  4. Tone Loc - Wild Thing 
  5. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby 
You can download the track here. There you have it. Go! Party! Dance! Drink! Get there early to chomp on free Rustica pizza from 9pm - 10pm! Enjoy!




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