February 6, 2012

Story Time: If You Had Your Druthers, Which Of Your Qualities Would You Make Super Attractive To The Opposite Sex?

I'm not gonna hold my breath or anything, but if it were up to me and I was able to create an alternate reality, I'd make the following traits of mine irresistible:
  • The ability to form irrational opinions about reality show contestants

  • The inability to walk in high heels

  • The impressive ability to re-watch the same episodes of Sherlock at the drop of a hat

  • The ability to pose questions about the intricacies of the universe while we're shopping at Target

  • The ability to totally forget people's names even though I know I've already met them several times

  • The ability to straight up weep during any show where family members are reunited (see The Locator, old episodes of Oprah, etc.)

  • The ability to wear full-coverage underwear

  •  The ability to not give a fuck about how my fingernails look
Which of your qualities would you make irresistible to the opposite sex? Tell me in the comments!


Scarlettb said...

I wish my overwhelming attraction to weird crafts was sexier than it is, but other than that, can I move to your universe? Because I'm right there with you with the Sherlock and the fingernails and the high heels and the undies.

Cassie said...

The ability to have a relevant Simpsons quote for every occasion.

The ability to make everything somehow about Harry Potter.

Anonymous said...

My ability to talk about offseason baseball trades.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes to the fullcoverage, slimming, nude colored underpants!

My desire to go and see every movie playing at the Starlight Drive In, regardless of what's playing

My need to always go into Starbucks and order a coffee and never go through the Drive-Thru, where's the fun in that?

My insistence on only stocking Sweet and salty popcorn instead of boring old butter

hexo said...

the ability to lead a team fortress 2 scoreboard

my strong opinions on nvidia vs ATI graphics cards.

Andrea said...

My ability to reference original Star Trek episodes

The undeniable truth that I'm slowly becoming a cat lady

My serious love of 90's-era WB shows (see: Roswell, Dawson's Creek)

Online Dating n00b said...

Beards signify virility and masculinity.

Inane Futurama references.

xkcd as required reading for all humanity.

Smiling at strangers does not make you a creeper.

Awkwardness. Pure, unbridled awkwardness.

favredhd said...

i am so with you on the reality show contestants, the high heels and especially the finger nails! i also will add the sad realization that i'm becoming a crazy cat lady, whatever that means...

Kicky Sam said...

The fact that I collect baseball cards.

My somewhat obvious physical flaws following abdominal surgery.

My cat.

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