April 4, 2012

Flippin' Our Shades at Author Andrew Bonazelli

This is a fun post for me to write because I've been friends with Andrew for years. In fact, I sorta hooked him up with his wife, Mikki. [I knew Mikki had a crush on him. So I taunted him by saying, "I know a secret you don't know" because I'm mature. He told me to tell him and I said no. Then I said I'd tell him my secret if he bought me a beer so he bought me a beer and I spilled the beans. Buoyed by her interest, he made a move on her and now they're married. Huzzah!] Back to Andrew. In addition to being the managing editor at Decibel Magazine, he's also written several books: Mechaniks, A Regular, and The Dreamt and Deathless Obscene.

His latest novel is called DTV (Direct-to-Video) and it's about two aging action stars loosely modeled after Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. It already sounds fantastic! In a brilliant twist, not only does the book cover resemble an old-skool VHS tape, but it comes packaged in an authentic VHS clamshell case. Plus the book comes with its very own soundtrack provided by some radical heavy metal bands. You can find out more info about his novel here, here and here. I asked Andrew some questions and he gave me some answers.
SK: What's your idea of a perfect date? 
Andrew: First I’d take you shopping to stores you wanna shop in, and then we’d do a little lunch, probably at the Cheese Haus, followed by some golfing. And then at night, we’d take in an opera, probably Die Fledermaus, and then I’d follow it up with a drive to a secluded beach where I’d pop on the radio and we could slow dance ’til the sun came up. 
SK: What do most guys do wrong when they're out with a girl?
Andrew:  Tell the truth

SK: What's the worst thing a girl can do on a date?
Andrew: See my answer to the previous question.  
SK: Tell us a secret!
Andrew: I've never been on a date.  
SK: What advice would you give a younger version of yourself about dating?
Andrew: “Don’t worry; Internet porn will be free someday.” 
SK: What would you put on a mix tape for a girl that you liked?
Andrew: The entirety of Richard Marx's Repeat Offender
Order DTV (Direct-to-Video) today or pick up a copy in person at his book release and listening party this Thursday, April 5th from 7pm - 10pm at 12 Steps Down. Hooray for Andrew!


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Any man who quotes Mallrats is solid people in my book.

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