April 3, 2012

Oh No He Di'int Just Avoid Saying Hi To Me

Is this too much to ask? 
I'm not a particularly violent person, but nothing makes me wanna punch a pillow more than when a guy does this. Can't he just be cool about everything? It's been a few months; shouldn't we be past this? We should be at the "swiveling around on our barstools to mumble hellos and exchange pleasantries" stage by now. I guess not because he's acting all squirrely like he owes me money or something. He doesn't owe me money. Common decency would be nice but I guess that's still too much to ask.

What's super annoying about this is that drinking a beer in a semi-dark room is the most approachable I'll ever be. I'm not checking my phone like a nervous dork. And, I'm not avoiding eye contact with him either. I'm sitting here by myself calmly sipping a pint of Fleur de Lehigh: I'm at the pinnacle of my approachability. It ain't gonna get much better than this. But, if he can't get it together to say hi here, then I don't know what to tell him.

So when he zips out of the place like his asshole's on fire without even doing a courtesy nod in my general direction, it makes me do the smirk 'n' jerk. Are we in kindergarten? Grow the fuck up! Ugh.


Anonymous said...

was he at least good at pretending not to see you? i ask because i recently saw my ex (who i dated for several years, it's not like he didn't recognize me) in the lobby of my work building of all places. he quickly looked away as if i were a stranger - but only after making his eyes all huge and "oh shit!"-like while making eye contact with me. reeeeal subtle, guy. i chuckled.

Sarah said...

Now he is just somebody that you used to know.

Solo4114 said...

This is the same dude from a while back who refused to make contact at the same bar, no? The one who you were worried chatting with a friend of yours would scare him off, unless I'm misremembering?

He sounds...quite passive. It's a shame because this is one way that otherwise decent dudes routinely blow it. Maybe he assumes you're not interested. Maybe he's so consumed by self-doubt that he can't muster the courage to walk over and say hello. Maybe he's just...weird. I dunno.

But it strikes me that if it's been 3 months and he STILL can't get off his damn stool and buy you a drink, he ain't worth thinking about.

Anonymous said...

It also depends on the situation of the breakup. Sometimes the situation turns into "they're dead to me".

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it sister! I can see your personality in your writing,that you probably way fun to hang out with!and if this guy can't say "Hi" to you, it's his loss not yours!! I have learned that over the years with men, to this type of guy it wouldn't matter if you looked like Cindy Crawford, & of Einstein, he would still be an ass!

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