July 12, 2012

I Love Love Love When We Say The Same Word At The Same Time

I cannot emphasize enough how rare this is because I often use colorful language. And after years of slogging through conversations with men where we don't say the same words at the same time, to have this guy say the same words at the same time as me is downright delightful.

And the best part: it kept happening! It happened for the rest of the night. And, each time it happened, we'd both look at each other and crack up. I started blushing really hard. I think he did too. It was adorable.

For instance, we both said the following words at the exact same second:
  • sensational
  • mischief
  • bitchin'
  • bonkers
  • steamy
We were vocabulary soulmates. I think this is what Jermaine Stewart was talking about when he told us that we don't have to take our clothes off for a good time; just lock eyes with a cute dude while you both say the word lackluster at the same second and watch the sparks fly.


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