August 15, 2012

I Love Love Love Guys With A Five-Year Plan

Up until recently, I didn't have a five-year plan. It was becoming a problem. When people asked me, "So, where do you see yourself in five years?" I'd draw a blank and mumble something about just wanting to be happy. Then I'd distract them with something shiny and/or change the subject. Five years seems so far away! I could be in the circus or married or married to a man in the circus. Who knows?

I resolved to have a better answer than that. But coming up with my five-year plan was a bit of a thing. I bought a journal and wrote "Five Year Plan" on the first page. Then, I went to the park, sat under a large, shady tree and really concentrated on it. I brainstormed. I drew diagrams. After a lot of effort, I narrowed it down. Now I feel reasonably prepared if someone were to ask me about it.

So, I'm always impressed when a guy tells me about his five-year plan. He has direction. And ambition. And vision. And a bunch of other words that end in -ion. It rules! I think it's cool. Maybe I've kicked it with so many fly-by-night dudes who treat the world like a treadmill that to hear a guy have a composed answer to what he wants out of life feels like a goddamn treat. I don't care if his plan is to re-trace Forrest Gump's jog across America; he has some life goals and I respect that.


Anonymous said...

Chairman Mao had a 5 year plan too. We all know how well that went...starvation!

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