August 21, 2012

Things In His House That Make Me Sad: His Drawer Stuffed Full of Take Out Menus

This drawer is basically the Wild, Wild West of his house. I have no idea what sort of madness I'm going to encounter once I stick my paw in there. There are several fistfuls of delivery menus jammed into a drawer roughly the size of a medical textbook. I can barely open it!

Once I yank the menus out and haul the pile to the kitchen tabe, I notice that he has several duplicates. Some are outdated, some are torn. Some have unidentified stains. Some restaurants have since closed or have been shut down. I have no idea why he still holds on to these greasy menus. Someone should tell him that they're not family heirlooms meant to be passed down from generation to generation.

He does know that he doesn't need to keep every oily take out menu shoved through his mail slot, right? They only way they'll get the boot is if a) he moves and tosses 'em all out in one fell swoop or b) I take the ten minutes to go through and pare down the herd.

Sure, he'll roll his eyes while I organize his menu collection but I don't care. I like a neat menu drawer. And, I like a carefully curated pile of 10 - 15 menus showcasing the best local restaurant take out options available: sue me.

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Solo4114 said...

Ah. I see you've discovered his drawer of emergency paper towels and table/chair levelers.

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