August 7, 2012

UPDATE: So, I Tracked Down The Dude From The Hot Dog Commercial

The other day I wrote about having the hots for this dude I've seen in some recent commercials. Here he is chompin' on a hot dog like a cutie pie:

Thanks to some awesome readers, I learned that his name is Mike Nelson. After roughly three seconds of Internet sleuthing, I found him on Facebook and to my delight, we had five friends in common. I was so excited to find him that I decided to do nothing because I didn't know how to approach him. How do you tell a stranger that you've gushed about him publicly without sounding like a lunatic?

Well, last night I took the plunge and sent him a friend request which he graciously accepted. Then, I took a deep breath and sent him this message along with a link to the post I wrote:
Hey there! 
This is gonna sound a little nutty, but I wrote a post about how cute you are on my site, Shmitten Kitten. 
Two things: 1. I hope you get a kick out of it. 2. I really hope you don't take out a restraining order on me. 
And he wrote back! He said:
Wow! I am beyond flattered, especially since you are basing my cuteness off a couple TV spots where I speak in monotone and dress in only shades of tan. For that, I am humbled and thank you very much. 
I'm actually dating someone right now, so no go on the dating fantasies of us growing old together as we watch re-runs of Mr. Show and Marx Bros. movies. BUT, if you are open to having another guy friend (and I completely understand if you don't) you won't be disappointed. I have a feeling we would have lots in common and become fast friends. You are a talented lady and funny as shit! And in my world, poop is the best and the funniest. 
Take care and thanks again, Anna. 
How cool is that??? Sure, I was slightly bummed that he has a girl, but I'm more excited that he was so rad. So, everyone, dreams do come true. I have our newly forged friendship as proof.


Jaime said...

This is totally the beginning of a rom-com in which hilarity ensues as your budding friendship perhaps becomes something more.

In all seriousness, cheers to cool people!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had as much audacity as you do! You are my inspiration!

This is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Lisa said...

Congrats, Anna! :) Seeing your success with this has given me some confidence in my future creeping :)

SarahB said...

You're totally gonna be friends and slowly have this budding romantic interest in each other while his current girlfriend progressively becomes more and more possessive of him because of all the time he spends with you. Ultimately she will cheat on him to get revenge and you'll be there to comfort him and his broken heart. You'll be holding him in your arms telling him how great he is when he'll pull back, look straight into your eyes where you two will gaze for what seems like an eternity. His perfectly average sized dog will bump up against his legs making him stumble forward and into an awkward first kiss. Sparks fly and you'll ride off into the sunset in his 2000 Toyota Corolla.

Anna said...

"Perfectly average-sized dog." That entire paragraph is hilarious!

Jen said...

So awesome! Also, I'm pretty sure I just saw him in an Expedia commercial that played before I watched a YouTube video. I was like "Wait, WHAT? That's MUSTACHE GUY!"

mo said...

That's awesome! Sounds like he is just as cool as you thought he would be. Too bad about his dating status, but still very cool that you reached out and became friends with him! Fun.

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