September 5, 2012

How I Feel When He Takes Over 20 Minutes To Return A Text


Jill said...

Um, really? You haven't ever been busy and not responded to a text within 20 minutes? Come on.

Anonymous said...

A study was done that if a text isn't returned within twenty minutes it is a blow-off. The only valid excuses, according to the study, is work related, school related, in a doctor's appointment, job interview, broken phone, out of service area, dead phone, or service disconnected due to lack of payment. Even in the case of a family emergency, or being at the hospital with a loved one, people are able to return texts quickly. Same with funerals and even driving. Hey, it isn't my opinion! Don't get upset at me. Studies shown this to be true. The average person checks their phone every five to fifteen minutes, alerts or not, so there is really never a valid excuse in this day and age to not get and return a text quickly. I have people I answer instantly and people I never respond to on purpose. I know the difference and so does everyone else. If someone chronically blows off my texts I just stop talking to them. Usually they come crawling eventually.

Anonymous said...

A study? yeah and what study was that and when and where? I'd be interested in seeing a link to that real study! Ya know life sometimes gets in the way of a text message and I don't know one person that gets upset over a text not being returned in some alloted amount of time. There could be a million reasons that someone can't return a text right off! Maybe they just don't have anything to say yet and who cares? It isn't a blow off and doesn't mean they don't like you. My best friend and i go days without texting and have been close for ten years. I never feel blown off by him and he isn't by me. Like i said, life happens!!!! Texting isn't always the priority and at a funeral, hospital or while driving???? Are you for real??? I think it is a sign of a real insecure person or someone who has a ridiculous sense of self-superority if you think every person in the universe better drop whatever he or she is doing to return a text to you within twenty minutes! Maybe people you know ARE blowing you and your texts off because of your arrogant attitude about how they should drop whatever they are doing to text back. Also, not everyone checks their phone every second of the day and I don't buy that whole five to fifteen minute line. I never just randomly check it just because unless I get some alert or call, I am surfing the web or FB, I am checking the time or setting up music. Some people I guess are glued to their cell phones and addicted to texting but that doesn't mean the rest of us are or that we are bad people or blowing them off if we don't do the same.

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