September 4, 2012

Bonerkiller: He Doesn't Have A Case For His Brand New iPhone

Not having proper protection for his fancy phone is as reckless as a modern, urban man can get. It's a new phone! He's going to be stuck with it for around two years. Doesn't he want to preserve it as long as possible? Doesn't he have an instinct to slap on a screen protector, especially since his last phone's screen was cracked?

Right now, his phone is scratch-free. There's not even a fingerprint on it. So to watch him wriggle it out of its packaging and slip it into his jean pocket sans protection is--not to be too dramatic--horrifying. The pristine glass screen is completely vulnerable to the world's elements and the thought of his denim lint and spare change rubbing up on it makes me wanna snatch it up and donate it to a responsible fifth grader.

It also makes me wonder if I can trust him to take care of other valuable objects. Is capable of caring for a pet? Or watering a plant? Or hell, raising a freakin' baby? Right now, I wouldn't even trust him with borrowing my High Fidelity DVD and that thing is over seven years-old and already scratched.

He doesn't need to wrap it in bubble wrap and nestle it inside a shoebox filled with goose feathers, but a little precaution would put me at ease.


Josh said...

There's a reason I keep my iPhone in an Otterbox. Yes, it's a little unwieldy at times. Yes, it's not as sleek as other cases. But dammit, if I'm going to invest this much in a gizmo, knowing how clumsy I can be at times, I want the thing to be as indestructible as I can make it without encasing it in crystal.

joshmckibbin said...

Cases yes. Screen protectors no. Screen protectors don't do anything but decrease the visibility of your screen and the sensitivity of touch, plus there are those annoying little bubbles that pop up after a bit. What i usually do is pay for the full insurance coverage until I can find my phone for sale online for less than the deductible (usually after a year or so) then I cancel it.

Anonymous said...

You're just bothered because you know this means procuring latex would be all your responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Please, no one uses rubbers anymore.

EmilyRachelFive said...

Seriously. What better way to tempt me to nag you.

P.S I have boner-killer for you: Guys who ask their girlfriends to have a threesome. Barf central.

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