August 30, 2012

It's Almost Time For *Everyone's Favorite Mix of the Month Club!

Hey there! It's almost September which means that it's almost time for a new mix to go out to my Shmitten Kitten Mix of the Month Club. I'll hold for applause.

Here's the logo. I wish I could give it a hug:

Sign up for the Shmitten Kitten Mix of the Month Club. If you sign up right now, I’ll send you the May edition. The next one goes out on June 1st! DO IT.

I usually send out my mixes on the 1st of every month, but I'm gonna send September's mix out tomorrow on August 31st instead so you can rock out to it all weekend. What can I say? I'm thoughtful like that.

So much free music; so much free fun. Join right now. Do it!

Also, why you're here reading this post, be sure to follow me on Twitter and like Shmitten Kitten on Facebook. Check out my Tumblr blog, Shlooby Kitten, too. Thanks!

*When I say everyone, I mean of people who know about the club, have signed up for it, have downloaded the mixes, and have enjoyed them.


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