September 6, 2012

Question: Would You Hit It With Siberian Kurt Cobain?

I just saw this on Apparently, there's a Russian busker who's a dead ringer for Frances Bean's father. Here he is doing his thang:

It's uncanny! So, would I bang him? Hmmm. Let me think about it.

Verdict: I think I would! I'd even make him breakfast using foodstuffs already in my house and let him use my fancy bathroom products in moderation. Sure, his busker act will get old about a week into our "relationship," and I'll probably get sick of his phone's battery always dying and him constantly asking to borrow five bucks, but whatever.

It could be fun to run into him on the subway, nod hello, then turn to my friend once I'm out of earshot, and make a lewd gesture to indicate that I'd banged him. Then, I'd be happy to make another lewd gesture to say that it was pretty good but his ding dong was small and he was kind of boring in bed. Then we'd fall into a fit of giggles once we're out on the street. Everyone wins!


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