September 12, 2012

Why MTV's "Friendzone" Is My Favorite Show On Television

Have you seen this show, "Friendzone?" It's awesome.

This is the show's logo. It's so emo!
Every episode follows the same formula: a person tries to date their best bud. There's two segments per show. In each segment, a person confesses to the camera that they're in love with their best friend. They explain the torment of living in the friendzone and how they've decided to take the plunge and make a move, even if it means risking their friendship. Then they ask their crush/best friend to help them get ready for a mystery blind date. At the date location, he or she turns to their friend, confesses their romantic feelings, and reveals that the date was actually intended for them.

One of three things happens:
1. The crush/best friend returns the feelings and they live happily ever after as a new couple.
2. The crush/best friend agrees to go on the date but then realizes that they'd rather keep things platonic. Disappointment ensues.
3. The crush/best friend outright rejects the idea of dating and hearts are broken. This is when I reach for the box of Kleenex.

I'm obsessed with this show.

The great thing about the setup of "Friendzone" is that you get to see young people who know what they want: they want to date their best friend. They’re scared and vulnerable, yet optimistic. They haven't had ten years of romantic false starts, the kind that can deaden your soul and make you think twice before pursuing someone you have a connection with. They're new appliances, fresh out of the box, untarnished and ready to love. I root for these brave souls who are putting themselves out there, laying their feelings bare on national television. I want them to get their happily ever afters.

You know what? There’s something so pure about seeing two people who genuinely like each other's company on television. They're already best friends! They already have that built-in companionship. Most shows have romantic couplings as part of their scripted set-up. For instance, does anyone believe Ann Perkins and Tom Haverford on Parks & Rec would really date? If you do, raise your hands. I'm on the Internet and I can already tell that no one is raising their hand.

Yeah, right
"Friendzone" has real people who are really friends in real life and they have a real connection. It's powerful to watch.

Of course, this show makes me think about the men in my life. I seem to have been blessed with the amazing ability to pick guys who don’t know what they want and/ or change their minds a lot. I've had bangmates who like me but don't like me enough to commit and that kind of ambivalence is the fucking worst. Or, maybe they would like to date but they see a million problems down the road so they figure it'd be easier to slam the door on any kind of intimacy.

I don't mean to heap the blame on them. I fuck up a lot too. I rush into things too fast before I really get to know a person. Like a baby or Paris Hilton, I get dazzled easily by dumb shit. I spend my time on guys who probably don't have the best morals and I overlook it because I like his record collection or I think that he has cool sneakers or I'm stoked about the way his hoodie fits. I'm impressed with stupid nonsense. That's basically on public record at this point. I've come to realize that while I'm good at being attracted to guys, I haven't been that great at picking ones to date.

This show reminds me that the friendship aspect in dating is essential and it's something that I've been guilty of neglecting. Not everyone gets a happily ever after on the show, but it's inspiring to watch these young people fight for theirs and it gives me hope that one day I can find mine.


Anonymous said...

you hit the nail on the head about a cool dude with an awesome record collection. as you get older its easier to spot a secret dickbag.


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