September 10, 2012

The Entire "My Friends Are Married" Tumblr Blog Is Amazing wins the Internet. See?
When I Say I Have No Plans This Weekend And My Friend Asks If I Want To Go Out With Her And Her Husband
Or this one.
When My Friend Texts Me A Picture of the Flowers Her Husband Bought Her
Or this one.

Honestly, they're all great. It's like they've peered into my soul. Go there now!


Steve said...

I just saw this over the weekend, and my first thought was "Has Shmitten Kitten seen this yet?"

Mandy said...

Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Is it too passive aggressive to "accidentally" send this to all my married friends?

#myfriendsaremarried said...

Got home from work to this...y'all at Shmitten Kitten made my day! THANK YOU from #myfriendsaremarried!

Anna said...

Awesome!!!! Keep up the great work. xoxo

Andrea said...

Oh my god. I've just found my newest relationship substitute.

Anonymous said...

Maybe check out this site too which makes fun of weddings!

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