November 15, 2012

Pics From My Book Release Party!

We came, we saw, we partied. Here are the pictures from my book release party. I'm the devil in the blue dress in case you weren't sure.

Here's the cover, all blown-up.

Me and my mom, who wore the same color dress as me. SHE'S FIRED!

Me and my little sister, Rachel. See any family resemblance?

Me and my Dad. He seriously chatted EVERYONE up.

Here he is in the kitchen, chatting Todd up.

Here he is talking to Jenna and Matthew.

And here he is meeting Chris Ward.
What can I say? The man knows how to work a room!
The lovely ladies of Skout Philly!
Matt and Jamie, looking dapper.
Maryanne and Vanessa, looking beautiful.
We should really start a gang.
Me and my best friend, Jenna. 
Potato chip chocolate bars from Chuao.
I ate, like, thirty of them. For real.  
My homies, Rob and Matthew
I have no idea who this guy is.
I can't believe I didn't hit on him!
One big room full of bad bitches:
Me, Jennifer Cohan, and Alexis Rosenzweig 
My (now) brother-in-law, Alex, posing with the hostess with the mostess, Alexis.
Hector and Todd are going to star in a bromatic comedy together called "Bros."
My book is a cookie. Thanks, Whipped Bakeshop!
Can we all agree that Kiehl's kicks ass? 
Tara from Skout Philly is like, "This book is incredible!"
This is Dom Savini. He took the photo of me that's on my book.
I signed his copy by just kissing it and leaving an imprint with my lipstick.
True story.
Eric Smith and his lovely lady, Nena.
Poppin' bottles of Mionetto!
Matthew and Abby are the cutest couple of all time.
They're drinking Allagash beer.
All smiles. 
Cookies, coasters and Champagne, oh my!

Lansie and Andrew are too cute for words. 
An enormous thanks to my sponsors:

And, thanks to my fantastic photorapher, Lou Caltabiano. Everyone hire him!

This was truly a spectacular event and easily one of the highlights of my life. Thanks everyone who came, thanks to Alexis for hosting it, thanks to my incredible sponsors, and thanks to you guys for reading this. Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the book! I guess now we know which side is your good side.

Anonymous said...

If those are you legs and butt, how are you still single?

Anonymous said...

How does someone not local to Philly get their(your) book signed?

Anna said...

Good question! Let me figure out an answer and get back to you. Email me at That's a good start.

Julia said...

confession: I recognize at least 1 of these guys from his OKCupid profile, not going to blow up his spot though.

Anonymous said...

So that *is* your picture on the book. You are one drop-dead gorgeous woman. If I were much younger, and unattached, and could contain my drooling, I would be on my way to Philadelphia to try to meet you.

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