February 5, 2013

Story Time: Which Shows Do You Insist That Your Significant Other Watch?

Don't worry; you only have to watch
four seasons of my favorite show!
I'm a TV junkie so when I start knockin' boots with a hottie, I have an entire college course's-worth of TV shows that I want him to embrace as much as I have. And, I will not be satisfied until he has fully absorbed these shows into his consciousness.

Remember how shocked Jack Black was when he was talking to a customer who didn't own Bob Dylan's album, "Blonde on Blonde" in High Fidelity? I'm the exact same way when my guy confesses that he's never seen an episode of the British "Office." I really try to keep my exasperation to a minimum but it's hard when he doesn't even know about Tim and Dawn's love and David Brent's character arc. This situation must be rectified, STAT.

Sometimes I wish loving these shows wasn't such a big deal to me, but I guess I just really enjoy sharing inside jokes about TV shows with men I know in the biblical sense. Plus I want him to fully appreciate Kenny Powers' trident speech and I want him to crack up when I do my impression of Anders doing the Tupac walk.

So here are the top shows I will force him to sit through:
  • "Workaholics" 
  • "Sherlock" 
  • "Breaking Bad"
  • "Arrested Development" (only seasons 1 and 2 as I can't stand the whole Charlize Theron storyline in season 3)
  • "Party Down" 
  • "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (the first few seasons will suffice) 
  • The British version of "The Office" 
  • "Buckwild" (just kidding)
  • "Eastbound and Down" (Seasons 1 and 3, as the whole Mexican storyline in season 2 was terrible)
  • "Veep" 
  • "The Wire" (the entire series which might be a lot to ask for, but I'm gonna try my best to persuade him)
  • "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (scattered episodes, mostly ones involving Wanda Sykes and Michael J. Fox, natch)  
  • Extra credit: "Bob's Burgers," "Parks and Recreation," "Top Chef," "Happy Endings," "Summer Heights High," "An Idiot Abroad," "Dog Bites Man," "Sifl and Olly," "Tenacious D" and "The Ali G Show" 
Which TV shows are on your must-watch list? Tell me in the comments!


Erin said...

Peep Show is a must.

Anna said...

Everyone tells me that I should watch it but I couldn't get into the first few episodes. I'll have to give it another shot!

Kevin said...

I'm a dude and I'd gladly watch those shows with you (although I've already seen many of them and I'm too tall for you). There is a great new comedy short by the College Humor people about this exact topic called "Let's Have A TV Baby." Friday Night Lights and The West Wing are also musts for me. I definitely judge girls by their TV choices on online dating profiles.

P.S. Loved your book! Can't wait to read your next one.

Anna said...

Thanks, Kevin! I'll definitely have to check out "Let's Have a TV Baby."

Allison said...

I am watching The Wire for the first time now. On season 4 and I LOVE it. Although, I was sick last weekend and watched all of season 3 in about two days and began to talk like I was some sort of West Baltimore gangsta. Had to take a break after that.

Matt said...

For your fancy US shows, many of the above suffice - though with The League, Modern Family and Community. I'm British, so Black Books, Spaced, The IT Crowd and Father Ted. I think you'll really enjoy all of the latter four, given your sense of humour!

Matt said...

Sorry, but another... you say Veep - you MUST check out The Thick of It, the original Armando Iannucci offering for the BBC. It finished recently, but it's absolutely hilarious. Look up "Malcolm Tucker" on YouTube - you won't be disappointed!

va said...

Seconding Peep Show and IT Crowd! Also adding The Mighty Boosh and Reno 911! (especially season 1). Oh - and Freaks and Geeks.

hexo said...

No Archer!?

Anna said...

I enjoy it but I wouldn't say that it's mandatory viewing. Is that weird?

Andrea said...

Battlestar Galactica. Disliking is a dealbreaker.

Christina said...

Parks and recreation!
How I met your mother!

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