April 29, 2013

I Love Love Love When A Guy I've Been Crushing On Admits To Also Crushing On Me

From Sarah, who loves it when a guy admits to mutually crushing on her too:
I like to obsess about boys. Specifically, I enjoy creating complex imaginary relationships starting when we first speak to when we finally go to Slam Town to when we have a serious fight and I weep angry tears to when we--Let's just say that I have a lot of time on my hands.  
The thing is, I don’t need to know him very well to enjoy a fake life of ours together. Maybe he's the petite Paul Rudd lookalike who worked in the same building as me. Maybe he's that friend of a friend who I haven’t met yet but has a promising Facebook profile. I don’t really know him yet, so our happy life together is still a strong, if far-off, possibility.  
I usually fantasize about him for an extended amount of time until our paths cross and my dream is undoubtedly ruined. He’ll wear a cellphone holster, call me unladylike for enjoying Jameson, or have paid money to see Chris Christie speak. Instead of finding ourselves in Slam Town, population: two, I'm in Frown Town, population: one. 
It would be wonderful though, wouldn’t it? If he actually were the person I imagined him to be? Our romance would be tender and civilized, not come to a crashing halt once he divulged his bullshit cigar habit or his obsession with hairless cats.  
And then it happened: I talked to the object of my affection. Sure, he wore sweatpants to our first date and he broke my toilet and he's more into Tegan and Sara than I thought was necessary, but he was better than anything I had made up in my overactive imagination.  
And the thing is, what I found out later, is that he thought about me too. He would go out of his way to walk by me. I’m not the crazy one who crushes on strangers; he did it too, about me! He daydreamed about ME. And not, as I had thought, that other girl in our group project, or as I think of her, that bitch who didn’t laugh at my wingdings joke (I’ll never get over it).  
We crushed out on each other! Huzzah!
It’s really nice to know that sometimes the person that you think about could be thinking about you too. 


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