May 21, 2013

I Love Love Love Doodlers

From Mieko, who thinks it's hot when a guy puts pen to paper and draws something cute:
I believe there's a song that goes: "When a man loves a woman/ He shares his amazing doodling skills/ Doodles whatever she wants if she thinks that's the way it ought to be." Or something like that, maybe I misheard it. 
I have a long history digging on men once I see their artistic abilities that it’s not even a flippin’ opinion, okay? It's basically fact at this point. Don’t worry if you’re not an artist by any stretch, even in the worst-case scenario, all doodling is still somehow cute (e.g., the plethora of penis drawings in Superbad, anyone?) 
Simon, the consummate doodler
And if you're an artist, don’t worry if your overall situation is quite unattractive, your drawings will save you. While looking at a $450 all-included room for rent in Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn), I encountered the most tragic looking basement apartment I've ever seen. First, it was not converted in any way; it was literally a boiler and pipes and storage boxes with some rooms down a hallway. Secondly, there were no windows. Lastly, thrown atop the toilet tank in a filthy bathroom lay a dilapidated copy of "The Road," almost like it was planted there as a prop to emphasize the bleakness of this apartment’s inner life. 
However I considered taking this apartment because one of the rooms was occupied by a painter. Amidst the rubble of liquor bottles and food containers on his floor were dozens of canvases, all brightly, lushly painted with portraits of adorable white fluffy bunnies in button-downs. I was momentarily in love. 
If you are a guy and you doodle now and then, all I’m saying is that it really could not hurt you to translate that onto a little note or card for your ladyfriends. You will win major brownie points. Just don't start with a penis in a cowboy hat or anything though.
I can see how doodlers can make your heart swoon but man, never dump a doodler! They will channel their heartbreak in doodle-form, then post it on your Facebook page (and tag you in it!) for all the world to see. Nothing like seeing a notification alert that you've been tagged in a picture of a sobbing, stabbed kitty cat to make you re-think diddling a doodler.

Beware of the doodler, my friends. Beware.


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